Attract Dozens Of ‘Referral-Like’ New Patients Every Month,
Become #1 In The Community, 
And Explode Practice Growth

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Our Promise

Our mission is to introduce 1,000,000 people 
to chiropractic.

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Ready To Turn On A Steady Flow Of "Referral-Like" New Patients?

There Are 2 Angles of Attack

If you sometimes feel...

… enough people aren’t saying "YES" to your recommendations... 


… you're not sure if you're building a sustainable practice at your current growth rate...

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Our Process 

Effective marketing involves a POWERFUL proven process which bridges the gap between two points...


 Point B is your ideal patients' future, more desirable self without x,y,z pain or problem which allows them to do or become a,b,c.

 Point A is your ideal patients' current, less than desirable self with x,y,z pain or problem which is holding them back from doing or being a,b,c


This is what we call the Buyers Journey - and people must go through 5 key steps before they'll ever invest big money with you:

 When properly executed, these 5 steps accomplish two very important things...

Then Let Us Help!

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Next Steps

1 of every 5 minutes 
people spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram.

More than 2 billion people 
use Facebook every month and this continues to grow.

22 billion ad clicks per year
makes Facebook the largest advertising opportunity since search. 

The average person spends 
28 percent of his or her time online on social networks.

The Trends That Get Patients

1. Schedule a strategy call

This is the qualifying stage of the process. You see, we’re not always a great fit and we don’t commit to clients without the promise of guaranteed success. On the call, we choose the right marketing strategy for you and ensure we are the jelly to your peanut butter.

2. Meet your dedicated account manager 

Well, e-meet them. Your dedicated account manager will be your direct line of contact. They will answer all your questions, provide you with reports, campaign updates, training, coaching and support throughout your time with us.

3. Complete content

Since we can’t run your campaign with our faces, we require you to submit a regularly updated collection of specific images and videos. From this, we craft personalized ads for your community to become educated while engaging and qualifying themselves to then schedule an appointment.

4. Launch

BOOM. We launch your first campaign. To aid you with the influx of new patient opportunities, we provide world-class scripts, automated processes, reports, and even an app to make this transition from “doc down the street” to “community leader” as smooth as possible.

5. You've wet your toes, now let's really make a difference

In time, you become the most relevant source of natural healthcare information to your community while showing up daily in their newsfeeds across multiple platforms. The people showing for their first appointment feel like they know, like and trust you and as a result, the likelihood of them accept your recommendation skyrockets. Basically, this is where the magic happens...

"We lead them to your door so you can change their life and grow your practice."

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